Werner Herzog On Asteroids, Star Wars, and the 'Obscenity' of a Metropolis On Mars

78-year-old filmmaker Werner Herzog shared some fascinating ideas earlier than the discharge of his new documentary on asteroids, Fireball: Guests From Darker Worlds now out there on Apple TV+.

From Herzog’s new interview with the science website inverse:

Herzog tells Inverse he is much less involved than ever {that a} meteorite will destroy the Earth, however that does not imply we should not nonetheless be apprehensive about our personal extinction. “It could be 100 million years to go till then,” Herzog says, earlier than including, “inside the subsequent thousand years, we could have carried out such silly issues that we aren’t round anymore to ponder it….”

There is a idea that every one life on Earth got here from a meteorite. Do you assume that is doable…?

[I]f you broaden the query, it would not shock me if we discovered life someplace outdoors of our photo voltaic system, and even inside our photo voltaic system, as a result of we share the identical chemistry with the universe. We share the identical physics with the universe. And we share the identical historical past with the universe. So with trillions and trillions and trillions of stars on the market, it is extremely doubtless that someplace there are some types of life. In all probability not pretty much as good and fascinating as in films. We could be fairly sure there are not any creatures on the market like in Star Wars…

Have you ever heard the idea that we’re residing inside a simulation?

Sure, however I do not purchase it. As a result of once I kick a soccer ball from the penalty spot, I do know that is for actual. If the goalie saves it, oh shit, that is for actual.

He additionally discusses the 1998 asteroid catastrophe movie Deep Impression and his personal look on Rick and Morty, in addition to half on The Mandalorian — and the expertise of watching its premiere with 1,000 hardcore Star Wars followers. (“It was unbelievable. The primary credit score seems and there is a shout of pleasure that you simply can not describe… It is evident Star Wars is a brand new mythology for our instances, whether or not you prefer it or not.”)

However although Herzog’s movies “typically function formidable protagonists with unimaginable goals, individuals with distinctive abilities in obscure fields, or people who’re in battle with nature,” based on Wikipedia, Herzog insists to Inverse that Elon Musk’s plan to construct a metropolis on Mars is a “mistake.”

In a blistering criticism, Herzog describes the thought as “an obscenity,” and says people ought to “not be just like the locusts….”

Herzog shouldn’t be against going to Mars in any respect. In actual fact, the German filmmaker would “like to go [to Mars] with a digital camera with scientists.” However the long-term imaginative and prescient of a Mars metropolis is a “mistake.” Herzog’s predominant concern is that humanity ought to “fairly look to maintain our planet liveable,” as a substitute of attempting to colonize one other one.

Briefly, Mars shouldn’t be a livable place. There isn’t a liquid water on the floor, or air to breathe. Photo voltaic wind means inhabitants can be “fried like in a microwave,” Herzog says.

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