Software program Freedom Conservancy: Microsoft Ought to Resign from RIAA Over Youtube-DL Takedown Demand

“We consider that youtube-dl has substantial non-infringing makes use of,” argues the non-profit Software program Freedom Conservancy. However whereas that software program faces a DMCA takedown discover from the Recording Trade Affiliation of America (RIAA), GitHub’s proprietor Microsoft can also be a paying member of the RIAA.

The Software program Freedom Conservancy argues that this leaves Microsoft “caught between their trade affiliation’s abuses of the legislation and the wants of FOSS initiatives for which they supply infrastructure.”

Whereas underneath present legislation (which we object to), complying with the takedown discover is admittedly the quickest solution to restrict Microsoft’s legal responsibility, we view Microsoft’s membership within the RIAA as a a lot greater legal responsibility to our neighborhood, now that Microsoft controls GitHub. We name on Microsoft to resign from the RIAA and take away their battle of curiosity on this matter.

This is a crucial alternative for Microsoft to face up for the values of software program freedom…

To construct a robust neighborhood of FOSS builders, we want confidence that our software program internet hosting platforms will combat for our rights. Whereas we would desire that Microsoft would merely refuse to kowtow to establishments just like the RIAA and reject their DMCA requests, we consider within the various Microsoft can take the simple first step of resigning from RIAA in protest. We equally name on all RIAA members who worth FOSS to additionally resign.

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