Linux 5.10 Solves the Yr 2038 Downside Till 2486

The Linux 5.10 kernel’s XFS file-system could have two new on-disk meta-data capabilities, experiences Phoronix:

1. The scale of inode btrees within the allocation group is now recorded. That is for growing redundancy checks and in addition permitting quicker mount instances.

2. Assist for timestamps now till the yr 2486.

This “large timestamps” function is the refactoring of their timestamp and inode encoding features to deal with timestamps as a 64-bit nanosecond counter and bit shifting to extend the efficient measurement. This now permits XFS to run properly previous the Yr 2038 drawback (the place storing the time since 1970 in seconds will now not slot in a signed 32-bit integer and thus wraparound) to now the Yr 2486. Making a brand new XFS file-system with bigtime enabled permits a timestamp vary from December 1901 to July 2486 relatively than December 1901 to January 2038. For preserving backwards compatibility, the large timestamps function is just not at present enabled by default.

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